About Me



I started out as a film kid in highschool, smelled like chemicals all the time and not from chemistry class. I loved my photography teacher and used to spend all my free time in her class to finish projects I was working on. I would practice with my three brothers as subjects and even joined the school photo club. At the end of my last photo class we had the school art show and I was honored to have won in the photography category for that year. However, I choose to try my hand at other things for college because despite my love for photography I wanted to pursue a different kind of career at the time and graduated a French and international studies major at Virginia Commonwealth University.



Fast Forward to 2018. A friend I made through an old photography classmate encouraged me to step back into the photo world because I had an "eye" and that shouldn't be wasted. She handed me her film camera and I took a couple photos of her and I didn't think much of it. Couple weeks later she sends me the photos I took and i'm blown away by both the photos and her reactions to them. I realized hmm.. maybe I did/do have an eye. Couple months go by and another friend this time from a previous french class asks me to model in a shoot he was planning. I said yes, couple days later i'm posing in a shoot and the whole time I kept thinking, I want to be the person calling the shots and taking these photos.


Where I am now

After the realization I had at that shoot I purchased my 1st very own digital camera and other gear to accelerate my content creation and started to build a real portfolio. I currently work a multitude of different aspects of photography, ranging in events such as; music venues, weddings, charity events, parties etc. . My specialty and personal favorite will always be portraits, because working with people directly can result in great onsite creative feedback. In addition I also work a contract with real estate and product photography. Why settle on one aspect of photography when there is so many avenues to learn from and apply to others.