About Me


Working with me

I started out as a film kid in highschool, smelled like chemicals all the time and not from chemistry class. My work has since evolved to a large diversity of subjects. My daily work is in real-estate photographing for a company called Vizziedberg. I draw floorplans, help ready the house for photos, photograph the homes, and take gimbal video tours. I also contract for an LGBTQ+ center capturing their events and providing original concept art as seen in the image to the left. My artwork and concept shoots are my main passion and can lead to a wide range of results from weddings, to family portraits, and individual headshots inbetween. My range of artwork also extends to food and product photography as well, working with one of my larger clients Brockmans gin to create original content to promote their brand. If you have any questions about me or what i can do for you, click on the contact form above.